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E-Book on Learning C for beginners

Coming soon, a book that teaches you to program in C and then shows how to create a full working asteroids game, running at 60 frmes per second with, and pixel-perfect collision detection. More details on Learn C programming here.


This is my games site, on games development, reviews, strategies. I like boardgames, computer games and games played on the web and often have a side project or two in development. There are a few articles about games I've written in the past. My current interest (a side project) is in mobile development and I have a big design that gets slowly worked on and I might include it here sometime.

Poker Playing

In the last six years I've also taken up playing Texas Holdem poker. I'm not very good though I have won three minor poker tournaments with 28, 20 and 24 players in. Most game playing is twice weekly at a local pub. Trouble is, most players know how the regulars play. That doesn't prepare you for playing in tournaments against strangers!

I've been looking at fast poker scoring and of course that led me to the web page by Cactus Kev. If poker evaluation interests you, I'll put some code up. Meanwhile you can check some older code I wrote. I've got some code in development in both C++ and C# but it will take a while before it appears here.

I've also been developing a way to use the evaluater to get the best hand with 2 cards in your hand and five community cards. That's in development as well. There are only 21 different combinations for this. 7C5 = 7!/((7-5)!*5!). 5! = 5x4x3z2 = 120. 7!= 7x6x5! and 2! = 2. So that's 5040/(120 x 2)= 21.

2017-7-1: Site resurrected. Almost six years on...

2011-11-01- Now I'm writing about online games development and other things at with my game development blog entries here.

All the games development links on are now most likely dead but you could try searching the Way back machine for them. 2012 is probably your best bet or 2013 Also search on C/C++. That seems to be resurrected in a different format.

2007-02-07 - Added Strategy & Tactics for Slay Article. I bought this game about 15 years agoi and still play it. It's much a puzzle as a wargame but still great anyway.

2006-11-26 - Added Odds On Game Design. A card game I designed about bookies and horse racing (UK). If anyone ever did created any games from this, I'd love to know. I like simple card games.

Updated: 22nd September 2007