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I've had a life long interest in games playing (in my youth- I drew an A3 dungeon for D&D with over 2,000 rooms) and developing computer games- with two (minor!) awards along the way for Johnny Reb II and Quest- the KJC Games Play By Mail game which has been played by 25,000 people since 1990 when it launched. In 1993 it won the Origins Award for best Play By Mail. They even included my name! KJC have modified and changed the game extensively since I last worked on it in 1996 (I added horses). It was my design and original code although the idea was a multiplayer Ultima ripoff. I spent a year on that game writing about 1,000 lines of code a week. Yup 50,000 lines in one year- in procedural Turbo Pascal 5.5. Madness!

My games programming career started in 1984 in a business partnership "Choice Software Ltd" creating games for ZX Spectrum and CBM-64. After a disastrous first year we got into game conversion and did ok the 2nd year. However business partnerships sometimes fall out and I left in 1986 to work for a year at the Lothlorien/AnF (Famous for Chucky Egg) fusion known as Icon Design, based in Prestwich - that soon came to be known as "I Can Resign". It lasted just over a year 1987-1988. RIP. Ever play Mastertronic Milk Race on the Amstrad? That was mine! you can see a list of games I programmed.

In 1992 I worked for a year at Microprose designing a Mosquito Fighter Bomber Flight Sim game until the UK office was closed down (orders from across the Atlantic) in 1993. That was a great shame. how many other flight sim games would have let you drop bouncing bombs against the Tirpitz, fire rockets against tanks or trains, knock or shoot down doodlebugs and fire a 6lb gun against submarines...?

More recently I came up with the idea for a card game based on Bookies called Odds On. I've decided to Open source that and publish it here. It had potential but never got developed so if anyone wants to have a's available under Creative Commons.

More games coming soon!

Updated: July 2017